In the Spa Zone we also offer our customers an infrared sauna. This is a new type of sauna, which apart from healing properties (as in the case of a traditional sauna) provides also therapeutic effects. In the sauna the temperature reaches 60 degrees and there is no steam in it. In the infrared sauna 80% of the heat is guided directedly onto the body and gets  into it, which causes heavy sweating. Sessions in an infrared sauna can last much longer than in a traditional one. An unquestionable advantage of using this sauna is the fact that apart from depriving the body of water it eliminates fat, heavy metals, acids and toxic compounds. Customers have a bathroom with a hot and cold water shower at their disposal together with a relaxation area. During or after the treatment customers can use the minibar. The offer is addressed to both Cactus guests and the external customers.

Using the Infrared sauna helps to:


60 PLN/50 min.
(1 or 2 persons)


included in the price


included in the price


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